Product Name: FENNEL
  • Good green color.
  • Good smell without mould smell or bad taste.
  • Free of alive or dead insects.
  • Well cleaned.
  • Moisture max. 12%.
  • Grade No. 1,Purity min. %99,Admixture max. 1%,Foreign matters and bad seeds max. 3%.
  • Grade No. 2,Purity min. %98,Admixture max. 2%,Foreign matters and bad seeds max. 5%.
  • Grade No. 3,Purity min. %97,Admixture max. 3%,Foreign matters and bad seeds max. 9%.
  • Available Forms:
    Whole Seeds / Ground
    Harvest Season:
    Availability : Whole Year
    Packaging : in new P.P. bags 25 KG
    Shipping Method:
    Fennel Seeds 20ft (13Metric Tons) 40ft (26 Metric Tons)