Company overview

With the blessings of Mr . MOHAMED ALLIMONY Owner & Founder ALLIMONY SPICE FOR EXPORT we have quickly developed as a market leader.
Over the years we have been dealing in the local market, so we are very well known and have a good reputation in Egypt, and we decided to start exporting our products to all over the world in 2001, and in 2010 built a new large stores, and added a line of modern treatment machines new, to to comply with our increasing customer requests with the best quality in accordance with international standard specifications


aboutus CHAMOMILE (Flowers / Powder / stems/ industry / TBC( Tea Bag) / Seeds)
CALENDULA OFFICINALIS ( Flower / Petals / TBC( Tea Bag )
HIIBISCUS ( Flower / Broken / TBC (Tea Bag) / Slices )
Lemon Grass ( 1mm TO 7mm / TBC( Tea Bag)
BASIL Crushed
MARJORAM ( Green / Gray)
PARSLEY leaves
Dill Tips
Mint (Spearmint/Peppermint) - Peppermint TBC( Tea Bag)
Coriander Leaves – Celery Leaves – Rosemary - Oregano - Thyme - Sage Leaves - Molokhia (Whole / Crushed)


Fennel Seeds , Caraway Seeds , Fenugreek Seed , Coriander Seeds , Anise Seeds , Cumin Seeds , Sesame, White Sesame , Nigella Seeds.


ISO 9001